Diocese of Nakuru Mission Office

406 Spencer Street, Canastota New York 13032

Tel:      315.697.8795

Email:  cdnmission@yahoo.com


The Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Mission Office (USA), is based at St. Agatha’s parish in Canastota, NY, and was created in 2000 by Bishop James Moynihan of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse and Bishop Peter Kairo of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (Kenya, Africa).  In support of this cooperative agreement, Bishop Kairo agreed to send some African priests to the US to serve for various periods of time in the Syracuse Diocese. In turn, the Syracuse Diocese agreed to familiarize its parishioners with the extreme poverty and lack of resources in Africa and to setup a mission to raise funds to counter those needs. 

As defined for the State of New York and the IRS, the CDN Mission Office is a charitable, non-profit 501-c3 organization whose charter provides funds to the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (Kenya, Africa) to provide food for the starving, medicines for the sick, clean water and food preparation for consumption, educational facilities for children, orphanages for street children and abandoned infants, mobile medical facilities and spiritual fulfillment.

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